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To release an email or attachment: Logon to the Administration Console. Click on the Administration toolbar menu item. Select the Monitoring | Attachments menu item. Right click on the message to be released. A popup menu is displayed. Select one of the following menu item:Menu Item Description Release Original Message The original message…
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Click to view contentYou may have noticed a subtle, new  icon next to some folks' names within Mimecaster Central over the past week.    These community members have been designated Mimecast Legends for their tireless commitment to and championing of Mimecast and Mimecaster Central, along with a dedication to bringing Legendary Customer Success to their peers!   … (Show more)
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Click to view contentBob Adams is a Cyber Security Strategist at Mimecast. Originally joining Mimecast nearly four years ago as a Sales Engineer, Bob was recruited to Product Management after developing various unique ways of investigating cyber attacks and highlighting Mimecast's services. Bob now continues to use his time to help educate companies on protecting… (Show more)
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Click to view contentYou can send attachments safely and securely via Large File Send in Mimecast for Outlook. Once a Large File Send message has been successfully sent, a notification is displayed confirming that the message was sent. Should a Large File Send message fail, you can use the Large File Send Manager to attempt to resend or cancel the message in question.…
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