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Problem  A “Default account is not an exchange account” error is displayed in Microsoft Office when attempting to start Mimecast for Outlook. The Accounts section of the Mimecast tab is grayed out.   Applies to...  End users of Mimecast for Outlook End users with both Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 products installed.   Explanation  Where you…
in Mimecast for Outlook
This guide describes how administrators can decode a protected URL issued by as part of a Targeted Threat Protection - URL Protect notification.   Applies to...  This guide applies to the following staff trying to ascertain whether a link is safe: Administrators Mimecast Support Staff    Walkthrough  Take the following example. A Targeted…
in Targeted Threat Protection
This article outlines how Smart Tags can be utilized by end-users. Smart Tags are permission-based folders used to share email data that you are not the sender or recipient of. Using the Mimecast Personal Portal, you can browse and access the content of these emails, as well as forward the messages to additional recipients.  Messages in a Smart…
in Mimecast Personal Portal
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