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Announcement 1 Ask Mimecast Anything (AMA): June 14th
Announcement:Ask Mimecast Anything (AMA): June 14th
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Dan Sloshberg is the Product Marketing Director at Mimecast, taking the lead on the Mimecast API, GDPR and market intelligence. A Mimecaster since 2013 and over 20 years in tech, he is a frequent speaker on all things cloud, security, cyber resilience and GDPR.   Hot on the heels of our recent Application Programming Interface (API) Developer… (Show more)
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Your Mimecast Administrator has created policies to ensure messages containing potential junk / spam content, or specific attachments aren't delivered directly to your Inbox. Instead they are held in a quarantine area, called the Hold Queue.    You can view and control these messages without having to contact your Administrator, by using the…
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How to unblock a person that I need to receive e-mails?   I need to receive e-mails from one of my bank representatives. My IT Department states that I blocked the person, how do I go about unblocking, so I can continue receiving e-mails.
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